Professional Website Package

Professional Website Package for your business.

What makes us your preferred Website Developer?

Someone wise has said, that all those activities that do not come under your core business process should be outsourced. For example; you need to replace a light bulb in your office where you work as a Tax Consultant. You could always do it yourself, but it is always better to let someone else who is a professional in the field handle it. But, of course due to the lack of service providers and their unwavering demands, we often handle these things ourselves. It is not only time consuming, but practically speaking you should rather be spending your precious hours in your core business process and settle for a satisfactory electrician to do the job for you.

Fixing a bulb is an easy job, but when it comes to Web Development we are often skeptical about the kind of service that we will get and whether the charges are on the reasonable side. That is where we come in. Due to the following three reasons we are your preferred option always;

  • Our policy is always about wearing your shoes and so we prefer to sell to you our recommended solutions based on our experience rather than just products and packages.
  • We believe that turnover and recurring business would be more beneficial to our business and income stream as compared to a hefty price at the start itself.
  • Our pricing calculations are based on man-hours and we charge very reasonably.

Due to the above reasons we are your candidate for your planned website development.

Professional Website Package Features & Scope of Work

The Professional Website Package that we offer includes the following;

  • Professional GoDaddy Website Hosting
  • Free Domain Name with GoDaddy Website Hosting
  • Free Business Email Address (1 Year Only)
  • Website Development & Publishing
  • Content Creation as Required
  • Social Media Accounts Creation & Configuration
  • Mailchimp Email Marketing Setup & Configuration
  • Website Security & Backup
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Free Android App for your website.

Pricing Information

The price that we are offering is a special bundle price based on man-hours calculation, including 3rd party costs and applicable taxes.

  • Cost of Package Rs. 4000/-.
  • GoDaddy Product Costs of Rs. 1500/-.
  • Includes applicable taxes at 18%.

Total cost of the Professional Website Package is Rs. 5500/-.

Order Now

In case you are interested in having further information about your website development plans call us, or email us and we will get back to you at the earliest.

If you are thoroughly convinced to order our services, go ahead and make a payment of Rs. 5500/- right now by clicking on the payment button below and we shall get to work on your website project immediately.

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Thanks again!

Faisal Darbar

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